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“The greatest wealth is Health”

We make sure you ALWAYS have a positive experience

Our mission at DOUMA Fitness is to provide every client with the most effective and time-efficient training through EMS. We specialize in curating personalized fitness plans designed to optimize your wellness and create the well-endured physique you’ve been searching for.

We perform every session with precision, accuracy, efficiency and ensure your safety through highly trained and experienced EMS trainers that understand how to make the most of your time together and hit your fitness goals with every session.

Meet the Coach

Foued Douma

Owner/Founder of Douma Fitness

Hi, I’m Foued Douma. Throughout my 15 years of personal training, I’ve educated and supported hundreds of clients in their health and fitness journeys!

I tried the EMS training concept for the first time 10 years ago when I was still living in France. And even though I have been an athlete all my life, I’d never found a program that gave me such amazing results in just 20 mins a week. I was hooked!

Through my professional journey, I quickly realized that the common reasons why people are not exercising are the lack of time and motivation, some physical limitations, or they just don’t like to work out. That’s why I founded DOUMA Fitness.

I want to help people change and improve their lives in the simplest and most realistic way. All the people I’ve worked with loved the results, especially how easy it is to implement my program in their busy lifestyles.

Cliché as it is, but I truly believe that the greatest wealth is health. You have the power to change! Join us and make your health and fitness goals a reality.