Frequently Asked

What is EMS all about?

During conventional exercise, muscles are controlled by electrical signals from the brain, resulting in muscle contraction. During EMS training, electrical impulses stimulate the muscles externally. A muscle does not differentiate between internal electrical impulses sent from the brain and external impulses from electrodes. In either case, the muscles react by contracting!

Absolutely! There are a lot of scientific studies that prove that EMS training has positive effects on the health of non-athletic adults. It relieves back pain and increases strength, endurance, and performance! Not to mention that EMS training has been adopted by millions of people all over the world.

During Douma Fitness EMS training, 85% of your total muscle mass is activated at the same time. The stimulations are intense and 100% of the fibers of each muscle covered by the electrical pads are stimulated. It would take 3-4 hours doing a traditional workout at the gym to get the same results. On top of that, we amplify the physical activity of your workout for intense results-boosting sessions that last about five days, thanks to our EMS technology.

We recommend 1 session a week for the first 6 weeks to allow optimal recovery between 2 sessions. Following this period of adaptation, members have the option to train twice a week with a minimum of 4 days of recovery between 2 sessions.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your DOUMA Fitness coach will make sure to adjust the intensity of your workout to challenge you to your maximum possibility. During each session, you’ll perform basic and simple movements to emphasize the work of the electrical stimulation. And of course, each exercise will be chosen carefully to match your goals and fitness capabilities.

The fact is regular EMS training on different parts of your body can actually alleviate back pain, whether it’s lower back pain or upper. It can also speed up recovery for acute back pain and help prevent future back injury. Not to mention that 88% of participants significantly reduced their level of back pain after 6 weeks. And 44% of the chronic pain patients had their pain completely gone.
Yes, even with knee and other joint pain, EMS training is an effective workout that doesn’t cause more damage. This is because we’re using the EMS technology to deliver an ultra-effective and targeted muscle stimulation without adding any impact and pressure on your knees and other joints. And remember that strong muscle will definitely help relieve pressure on weak joints which would help decrease the pain.
CONSISTENCY with your workout routine is key to get significant results on your health and boost your immune system. You can get these results by scheduling a 20 minutes EMS session once a week. It’s that simple! Not to mention that the exercises you will perform are very basic and simple. Everybody can do it!

No matter how long you’ve been working out or how old you are, we provide all the equipment and create a customized fitness plan based on your age, goals, and fitness level. EMS movements are simple and require zero experience. Even if you hate working out, you’ll love EMS!

Because you don’t have to make time for long workouts a few times a week. Instead, you get the whole experience and results of high-intensity training in as little as 20 minutes once or twice a week at DOUMA Fitness.

EMS training with DOUMA FITNESS comes with many benefits, including:

  • Body tightening 
  • “Butt lift” 
  • Lean muscle build up 
  • Increase general fitness, energy and stamina 
  • Burning of fat 
  • Back pain recovery 
  • Health and immune system enhancement  
Absolutely not! At the beginning of the workout, you’ll experience a tingling sensation, and when your DOUMA Fitness coach will increase gradually and safely the intensity, you’ll feel a strong muscle stimulation. To maximize your results, your coach will take you out of your comfort zone but will never hurt you!
There is no danger in this technology! EMS is a popular method of training utilized by millions of people in thousands of studios worldwide. It has been FDA approved, and there are no known cases for heart or organ damages associated with EMS.

We exclusively use German EMS technology from Miha Bodytec as it’s currently the only medically certified EMS device.

However, certain medical conditions are known to be contraindications in EMS training. It’s not recommended for the following conditions: (1) pregnancy; (2) pacemaker or other electrical implants; (3) and acute illness like fever, viral infections, or acute inflammatory processes. Medical consent may be necessary for some physical conditions. These should be discussed with your personal trainer before any training commences.